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Audiovox CDM 9000 programming for Verizon
(under construction!)

NOTE: This is the only info that I have for the Audiovox CDM-9000. I do not own one of these phones, and know of no further programming codes other than the info presented here, which has been submitted by readers of this page. When I find some time, I will reorganize the material in a more readable format.


The Audiovox CDM 9000 is a tri-mode CDMA1900/CDMA800/AMPS phone that will work on Verizon’s SingleRate plans. It is similar in function to the Motorola StarTac 7868 and the Nokia 6185/6188.

Basic Programming

To program an Audiovox CDM 9000, you need to have the phone’s MSL to unlock the phone. The MSL (master subsidy lock) is the number that is used to program the phone. This number is NOT to be confused with the one-time SPC number that the provider initally provided you to program the phone.

Once you have the MSL, you need to know your cell phone number and the service ID number (SID) for your home network. Use the following steps to complete the programming:

1. Power the phone on, and wait until the little light on top goes out.
2. Enter 2,8,9,fcn,#,1 to enter the programming menu.
3. Key in the 6 digit SPC for the initial programming, or the MSL for each
subsequent programming. The phone will display “Programming Lock

(more details coming)

> step 2 Key in the 6 digit one-time unlock code the FIRST TIME you
program a new phone. Use the MSL for each subsequent programming.
> The phone should say Programming Unlocked
> step 3 Enter 289,fcn,#,7
> (fcn is done by pressing to the right on the round
multifunction key)
> The phone should say “NAM 1 simple setting, with a “yes”
prompt and an arrow pointing to the right.
> step 4 press to the right on the fcn key
> The phone should prompt you for the MIN (phone number)
> step 5 enter the phone number, then press down on the fcn key
> step 6 enter your normal home SID
> step 7 follow the prompts to exit programming and reboot the phone.
> note… this phone seems to require having a PRL loaded into it to
function properly.

Must do In First 10sec of phone powering up
2, 8, 9, Function # 1
Function ***-***-*** where ” *** ” is the area code and celluar number
Now press the down arrow
enter system ID number
use the down arrow again

scroll down to nam1 cdma setting?

function 302
hit send
To Program The Web Browser
Function 7, 2, 4,

enter you security code ” factory setting is 1234 ”

Link a ” p.r.i. ” ***.***.***.***
Function 1905
Link a ” p.r.i. ” ***.***.***.***
Function 1905

I happened to read your instructions on how to programm the AUDIOVOX 9000 and I see that you didn’t display how to change the lock code. If you don’t know here it is if you do I was just trying to inform you. To change the lock code you enter the code F> #9 and it will ask you for the code there it can be changed.

> > Turn on the phone and wait until the green light in the top right
hand corner turns off.
> If your phone has a PLOCK (programming lock) code, type it in, then
press F> # 7.
> A message should appear saying “Programming Lock Unlocked”.
> Press 2-8-9-F> # 1
> “NAM1 Setting? yes>” should appear. Press the F> key.
> “NAM1 Common Phone Number” should appear.
> Type in the 10-digit phone number, then press DOWN.
> “NAM1 Common Home SID” should appear.
> Type in the SID, then press down.
> “NAM1 Simple NAM Setting? yes>” should appear.
> Press the F> key.
> “Press Wait, NAM Writting” appears. Phone should power off then power
back on

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