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[1] Re: QCP-1920 and QCP-2700 service programming
Date: Fri Jul 07 00:23:14 EDT 2000
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First, enter 111111 (six ones), but DO NOT press send. The screen will
have =>Options at the bottom. Push the jog dial in. The screen will
then display:

Field Debug

and maybe some other things. Use the jog dial to position the => next
to Programming, then press the jog dial in. The screen will prompt:


Then you enter the 6-digit code. If you don’t know that, you’re out of
luck. If you don’t know it, try 000000 (six zeros). That’s what
Qualcomm sets as a default. If the cellular service provider has
changed it–like I said, you’re out of luck. If you DO enter the
correct code, the phone will beep and the screen will say:

Please Wait

then it will begin displaying the parameters, starting with the ESN #.

Hey thanks the code for Verizon Harrisburg is 000000 now for a little
research on cellular programming.

In article <>, wrote:
> nobody wrote:
> : security code was 11111 here but now it shuts the phone down when
> Verizon has been using a nice variety of security codes as of
> 123456
> 654321
> 000000
> 111111
> I got a replacement QCP-860 (My old one died under warranty, but I
got smart
> and bought a 5185i instead!) had the code set to 654321, where my old
> was 000000.
> BTW, I *insisted* on getting that code, since I wasn’t going to
activate it,
> and its always useful to have a spare phone handy :)

Basic Qualcomm QCP-860 programming:

1. Power the phone on
2. Press MENU, then the 8 key, then press the 0 key
3. Enter six “0′s” for the service security code (000000). Also try 654321
or 123456 or 111111
4. Phone then displays the ESN
5. Press OK
6. Enter your ten digit cellular telephone number
7. Press OK
8. Enter your carrier’s system ID (SID) without the zeros
9. Press OK
10. Press OK again or enter a name for NAM 1
11. Phone displays Basic NAM 1 Programming Complete
12. Press EXIT
13. Phone powers off and then power back on
14. Basic programming complete

I saw your page and decided to figoure out your problem. I
into programming mode on the Kyocera 2035a by doing the following

dial 111111
press the select key
choose the option you want
Verizon security codes are 000000 or 654321

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From: Carlin
[1] Re: Qualcomm Q Phone reprogramming
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Date: Fri Feb 16 20:15:47 EST 2001

Hmm. My girlfriend has my old Q phone now, so I can’t give you exact
instructions, but try going through the menus and hitting ’0′ when there
no ’0′ menu item. It may actually be teh ’0′ menu that you do it from.
will then ask for a 6-digit security code. On mine, it was ’000000′, but
also try ’654321′ or ’123456′.

Also, the provider you’re activating the phone with should have
instructions on how to program the phone.


<MENU> 5 0


The code is 0 0 0 0 0 0 — at least, for PrimeCo Tampa/St Pete, but I
suspect all PrimeCo phones were set that way. Item 1 (debug screen
toggle) and 4/5 (error list) are probable most interesting.

The debug screen stays stuck on until you go back in and toggle it
again; the top line is the CellID, [something], and the receive signal
quality indicator, the second line is a couple of unknown flags, and
the transmit signal strength indicator.

I don’t have a list of the error code labels, but if you know CDMA, you
can probably guess a lot of them.

From: Tim Chorle
Subject: test mode codes
Newsgroups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs
Date: 2000/10/17

Hello, I rently read someones posting of the test mode code 47*869#1235
I find it very interesting and want to learn more about it. Any sites that
show what each code is and does? Is there any harm in trying them out, i
dont want to screw the phone up or at the very least loose my settings.
about other codes such as one to clear and reset the memory? Much thanks
any info, I work at radio shack – would be very cool to know.

From: Scott Kleinberg (
Subject: Software upgrade for BAM users with Qualcomm 860
Newsgroups: alt.cellular
Date: 1999/12/26

Hi. I’ve read that a lot of BAM subscribers are waiting for a software
upgrade for the thin phone 860. It is now available, and it is 2.XXX (I
don’t have the phone in front of me now). In the Pittsburgh region, it
makes a huge change, and that is it corrects the mistake where instead
of going to an analog signal when the digital signal is too weak, it
roams on AT&T and stays there. This fixes that, at least from what I’ve
been able to see.

Also, I’m trying desperately to find out how to get into the
programming menu on this thing. On the Qualcomm 820, it was 111111 and
push in the jog wheel. Now there’s no wheel and I’m at a loss.