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Motorola SC-3160 programming for Verizon/BAM

The Motorola SC-3160 is a dual-mode CDMA800/AMPS phone that will work on Verizon/BAM’s SingleRate East and DigitalChoice plans.

Basic Programming
To use a Motorola 3160 on Verizon/BAM you need to know your cell phone number and the service ID number (SID) for your home network. The quick way to program NAM data is to enter 74663#1 (PHONE1#) for NAM1 data and 74663#2 (74663#2) for NAM2 data.

Enter the code that corresponds to the NAM you need you use. For example, select NAM1 for Verizon/BAM CDMA800, then enter your 10-digit cell phone number, press , then enter your analog SID, press , then enter your digital SID, press , and then finally, enter the digital network ID (NID), typically 65535, and press .

Entering the preferred roaming list (PRL)

You can also update the phone’s preferred roaming list (PRL) in the NAM by entering the SID numbers of other Verizon networks. The 3160 can have up to 200 preferred SID numbers for each NAM. This will allow your dual-mode phone to roam on Verizon’s various CDMA800 and AMPS networks.

To access the PRL, enter 79743 (SYSID) for the NAM1 PRL, and enter 797432 for the NAM2 PRL. Press #> to scroll through the PRL list, and enter the 5-digit SID in the desired location, and press . Next, use the #> key to choose the preference type as ‘home’, ‘roam’, or ‘inhibit’. Home Preferred will NOT show a roam indicator, Roam Preferred will show a roam indicator, and inhibit will prevent the phone from roaming on a particular network. Press to save your PRL entry, and press to exit the list.

The other advantage is those in the DigitalChoice SingleRate East plan can change these Preferred SIDs to “Home” roaming so that the roam indicator will show up correctly (i.e. it only shows roaming when you are not on the BAM network.)

(if you have any other Motorola SC-3160 tips or even some ST-7868 programing info, please drop me a line!)

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