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Last updated 3/26/2002 19:00
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V60c, V120c, and T270c share programming methods.
if your security lock code is not 000000 then see

I got the programming for the 60c but not the t270
Programming: Motorola 60c

Security code : 000000
“user activation” then “select”
Nam 1 “select”
Min: change – enter phone #
ImsI: leave alone !!
Mdn: change enter phone # again
Amps sys id:
Cdma sys id:
Exit out of programming, shut off phone and turn back on

Have you tried p-h-o-n-e-#-menu-menu?

Works on the V.120c…
Hope that helps

Programming the NAM into your phone:

dial 7-4-6-6-3- (these keys spell phone), then # then press “menu” twice.
this will get you into the NAM programming menu.

Programming other settings into your phone, such as the
-internet browser
-nam activation
-extended NAM (?)
-SPC Overwrite settings
System ID
and to turn the test mode on or off.
do the following:

press “menu” then 0-7-3-8-8-7-*.
this should get you into the programming menu.

alt.cellular.verizon #60480 (0 + 843 more)
From: “fondoo”
[1] forcing digital mode only on v60i?
Lines: 14
Date: Mon Oct 28 21:43:29 EST 2002

has anyone tried messing around with these settings on a v60i verizon

Force the phone into DIGITAL ONLY mode by doing the following:
– ##33284 (DEBUG)
– RIGHT SOFTKEY (Next) Twice
– DOWN arrow 10 times to “PrefMod”
—–> Default is “DigPref”
– RIGHT SOFTKEY (Change) until you see “DigOnly”
– MENU then LEFTSOFTKEY to return to idle screen
– ##33284 (The last 4 will not display if you have done it correctly)