Disable Key Click – Joying Android Car Radio Head Unit

Did you recently upgrade your Joying Android car radio head unit to the newest firmware version, and lose the ability to turn off the key click sound each time you press the screen? Yes, the constant beeping noise also drives me crazy as well! It appears that others are having the same problem, based on this post titled “how to turn off the beeping sound” on the Joying forum.

My radio head unit lost the option to disable the key click sound after updating my Joying JY-ULS02N2 to the December 15, 2017 software update. Any efforts to disable the key click through the settings in the software keyboards were in vain. There is a mention of this issue on the Joying Software Update Page, which indicates to change the ro.fyt.amp_switch setting from 1 to 0. Unfortunately, this needs to be done prior to updating the firmware.

Fortunately, there is a solution if you have already updated your head unit!

Step 1: Use password 3368 to enter the car settings menu.
Joying car radio password 3368

Step 2: Find “AMP Enable” option, and select “No Amp”.Disable AMP on Joying head unit

Step 3: The “Keypad Tone” option should now appear in Equalizer Settings. Switch to OFF and the key click sound should disappar.Joying head unit disable keypad tone


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