HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium N911n firmware flash problem

I recently purchased an HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium for my home office. This printer has some great features, like 2-sided duplex scanning and printing, legal-size scanning, and fax to email capability, but it seems to have mixed reviews online.

I unpacked the printer and connected it wirelessly on my home computer network, no problem at all. The printer was shipped with firmware version CLP1CN1150CR. A quick check on the HP website indicated that there was a newer firmware version, CLP1CN1322CR.

My problems began upon installing the new firmware version… it looked like the firmware flash update had corrupted some of the values being displayed in the embedded web server printer settings. Values for the fax function were changed, and there were a lot of nonsense jibberish in the menu display items. I tried to reflash the firmware to the printer, however HP’s firmware flash utility executable detected that the firmware version was already up-to-date and would not reflash the printer. argh!

Searching on Youtube found some HP printer firmware flash how-to videos which indicate that the flash process should NOT be done over a wireless connection… which is NOT indicated on the flash instructions for this printer on HP’s website. argh!

Totally frustrated, I played around with the embedded web server printer settings some more, and cycled the display from one language to another, out of the 20 some available languages. The corrupted menu display items were resolved upon cycling the settings thru all of the languages, and back to ‘English/USA’

Please comment below if you had similar issues, and if your problem was resolved by doing the same.

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