why Jetpack by WordPress.com is a MUST plugin to install

JetpackI just discovered Jetpack by WordPress.com, and it is simply a MUST HAVE plugin for any self hosted WordPress site!

I use a plethora of plugins to extend the functionality and security of my WordPress sites. WordPress plugins can do some really great things, but I am always mindful of plugin “bloat” and system resource usage.

Jetpack is an extremely well-rounded package of tools to take your website to the next level.

Don’t just take my word about Jetpack; check out the following reviews about Jetpack:

Two plugins which were must-haves on my WordPress sites, Cardoza Facebook Like Box, a utility to display the facebook page likes, and the WPtouch mobile theme for your website, have already been deactivated, and replaced by Jetpack. The functionality of the aforementioned plugins is either met or exceeded by the features of Jetpack. No need to have a whole bunch of plugins slowing down your site if Jetpack can do those features for you!

I am still learning about the features of Jetpack, and will post updates when more Jetpack features are implemented across my websites.

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