why SAS Transportation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is awesome

Are you looking for a reliable shared ride, ground transportation shuttle service to take you from the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to the Port of Miami cruise terminal? If so, then look no further than SAS Transportation and Steven Sadowsky at http://www.ridesas.com/ or 954-600-0240.

I recently reserved 2 seats on a SAS Transportation shuttle from the FLL Airport to a departing cruise at the Port of Miami. My flight into FLL, on an airline which shall remain unnamed, was delayed at take-off for over 2-1/2 hours with mechanical problems. The generous time cushion which I programmed into the connection between FLL airport and the Port of Miami quickly evaporated.

I kept Steven informed about each flight delay, and he assured me that a shuttle would be waiting at the airport at baggage claim, and we would make our connection onto the cruise ship.

My luggage did not emerge from the baggage carousel until 45 minutes before the cruise ship was ready to depart, but Steven was true to his word, and a shuttle was immediately waiting in the baggage area to whisk us to the Port of Miami without delay.

Thanks to the knowledgeable SAS driver who knew the most direct way to get us to the cruise terminal, the I-95 Express Lanes, and the wonderful Carnival cruise line gate representatives who called us to inquire our ETA to the terminal, we were able to get to the cruise ship in the nick of time.

I highly recommend SAS Transportation and would book shuttle service with them again without hesitation. You can read other positive reviews of SAS Transportation here at the following links:

You can contact SAS Transportation at http://www.ridesas.com/ or 954-600-0240.

This post was not sponsored or endorsed by SAS Transportation. These are merely my own opinions.


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