Annoying phone numbers which real estate agents should ignore when they are called by them

Any real estate agent who is active in the industry no doubt gets solicited over the phone by all sorts of companies who say they can help them get more business. The solid, reputable, lead generation companies, like, and, will honor a referral fee to be paid at the settlement table. These companies have built their business on a solid relationship of trust, whereas the shady companies ALWAYS want to be paid up front, even before you get the contact information for a lead.

I have quickly figured out, that if you are any good at what you do, then you have absolutely no need for whatever these shady companies are trying to sell to help you get more business. These people are scammers who prey on rookie or part-time real estate agents who are hungry for business.

My real estate license has been active for a couple of years, and I have have put together a list of phone numbers which I know to ignore when they call me.

Here is the best part: I created a google contact in my android phone named “DO NOT ANSWER”. I add all of these phone numbers under this contact. Whenever I add a new number to the contact, I update the contact in the android menu by selecting “More > Add to Blacklist”. I use gmail for all of my email communication, and sync the contacts between my gmail and my android phone. Thus, I can edit the “DO NOT ANSWER” contact from either my phone, or my gmail contact. Check out my post “make Google Voice ring your phone ONLY when people in My Contacts call” with other good ideas to make Google Voice work efficiently for you. Pretty nifty, eh?

Whenever those phone numbers call again, my phone doesn’t even ring; it goes straight to voice mail.

Below is my list… message me, or comment below to add phone numbers to add to this list!

9495295577 or 949-529-5577 SetSchedule

9492095583 or 949-209-5583 SetSchedule

5852640167 or 585-385-6492 Bob Fitzgerald Coaching
8007014757 Real Estate Advertising
9259833400 Reply Real Estate Inc.
9257368149 Reply Real Estate Inc.
8582009859 – trying to sell leads
8582003574 – trying to sell leads
8588669319 – trying to sell leads
6193322842 – trying to sell leads
4102683310 US HUD aka Heavy Hammer
8586235577 Z57, Inc.
8008998148 Z57, Inc.
3025700736 REO PRO CORP
3023949140 REO PRO CORP
3023949138 REO PRO CORP
4065323756 Grant Sasek Real Estate Client Referrals
8583626181 Homes Media Solutions
8139084060 Country Club Scammer
5616721938 Country Club Scammer
3092770893 Fire Department Safety Scammer, more info on Ripoff Report
3095171078 Scammer trying to sell advertising to a local gym
8137641703 Another scammer trying to sell advertising on a local school banner
2063099426 some random scammer
2032427889 another random scammer
4079355621 Orlando vacation scammer
3025661079 insurance scammer
3024274513 card services
8007903520 Credit Repair Group, Consumer Resource Group, Consumer Research Group
8552414474 Credit Repair Group, Consumer Resource Group, Consumer Research Group
8558406041 Credit Repair Group, Consumer Resource Group, Consumer Research Group
7146225621 Credit Repair Group scumbags aka Consumer Resource Group aka Consumer Research Group
7148234540 Credit Repair Group scumbags aka Consumer Resource Group aka Consumer Research Group
8000000000 Verizon / Sprint / AT&T scammer
7022676059 SEO / Real Estate leads scammers
7025605734 SEO / Real Estate leads scammers
3023308721 Universal Promote
3022022853 Universal Promote



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