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LG TM-510 and V111 programming instructions

From: Chris Riling
You may remember a while back when I sent you the programming info on the Kyocera 2035a. Well, I noticed that you didn’t have any LG (Logistics) programming information, so I figured I could share. This procedure works on the LG V111 phone, and probably very similarly on other LG mobile phones.

What I did was this:

1. Go into the main menu.

2. Select “System” (Number 3 on the V111)

3. Press 0

4. Enter your service provider’s security code. (on Verizon this is usually
000000, 654321, 123456, or 111111).

5. Select the options you want, such as number one for service programming,
which allows you to do basic and advanced programming for each NAM.